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Monarque Health & Wellness is a family and functional medicine practice in Ashland, Oregon, that’s innovating and implementing a new approach to health care.

Most practices focus nearly all of their resources on patient care, seeing and servicing as many patients as possible. But that just makes for tired staff stretched too thin and providers who aren’t performing at the peak of their abilities. Monarque Health & Wellness realizes that quality patient care starts with the health and well-being of the providers.

Providers do a better job when they have the time and resources to fully devote themselves to an individual patient. To that end, the providers at Monarque Health & Wellness are supported by well-trained medical assistants and highly educated clinical health care coordinators who ensure that patients are given ample quality time in their consultations.

The approach to health care at Monarque Health & Wellness is rooted in board-certified, Western practices and guided by functional medicine, which aims to alleviate not only the symptoms, but the larger disease itself. Medication is used when needed, but the team at Monarque Health & Wellness strives to see the bigger picture and treat the overall biochemical makeup of the individual. Sometimes this means diving into a long-term health history and considering lifestyle changes.

Monarque Health & Wellness believes that caring for their patients’ well-being also means ensuring that they have a health insurance plan. They offer in-house consultations to help you select an insurance to cover your healthcare needs.

This is a truly artisan approach to health care. Call or book an appointment online today.


What Monarque© Stands For:

Organic & Natural Food
Nature & Outdoors
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Unconditional Love and Time with Family and Friends


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