A Message From Our CEO About Virtual Visits and COVID-19

As you know, information regarding coronavirus is evolving and changing daily. We have a plan in place to address coronavirus and we will continue to stay up to date on current developments.

Our primary goal is to continue to care for your health and wellness. We are offering a new service, virtual visits, as a way to continue to provide the best service to our patients. These visits allow you to virtually conduct an office visit by video using Zoom. This can be done for your routine visits or if you are feeling unwell.

We will continue to see patients in the office as well and have a triage system in place for any patients that are feeling unwell.

Now more than ever we would like to help you stay healthy. Please call us at 541-326-4777 or email us at admin@monarquehealth.com if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in a virtual visit please call us and we will give your more information. 


Sharee Burns


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