Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

High-quality supplements have a beneficial role in disease prevention. Millions of people in the United States take some form of dietary supplement. 

A physician-directed supplement program, along with a nutritious diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle can cut your risk of developing common chronic diseases and keep your body strong.

At Monarque Health and Wellness Center, our team offers medical-grade dietary supplements that address your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the reasons to consider a physician-directed supplement plan.

Why should you consider physician-guided supplementation?

In a perfect world, food would supply all of the nutrients your body needs to function optimally. Unfortunately, even the most health-conscious people can lack essential nutrients.

A reduction in soil quality and modern food production practices have lowered the quality of food you get from your grocer. Foods you eat today aren’t as densely packed with diverse nutrients as in the past. Even naturally grown foods are affected.

In fact, you'd have to eat eight oranges today to obtain the same amount of vitamin A as your grandparents received from one orange, and even foods like broccoli have suffered. In general, foods grown today are less nutritious than those grown decades ago.

Nutrients are responsible for hundreds of biological activities, from repairing damaged tissue to supplying energy — and having less than optimal levels of any essential nutrient can impact your health.

Even if you already eat a nutritious diet, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients may help you lead a healthier, more active, and more fulfilling life. 

Benefits of medical-grade supplements

The following are some of the many benefits of a targeted supplement plan.

Aids in recovery and promotes healing

From helping your muscles recover faster after a workout to aiding in healing from injury, supplements can help your body bounce back from physical stress. Vitamin C, for instance, helps the body produce the collagen needed for tissue repair.

Getting adequate nutrients can also protect the body against injury. Inadequate vitamin C increases the risk of orthopedic injury. Vitamin D and calcium are both required for strong and healthy bones. Ensuring that your body is topped off with vital nutrients helps your body perform at its peak.

Enhances energy

Whether you’re looking to avoid the familiar afternoon slump or put some pep in your step first thing in the morning, targeted supplements can enhance your energy levels. The right combination of nutrients can boost your metabolism and help your body deal with the daily effects of stress.

Boosts athletic performance

Consuming the proper supply of vitamins and minerals is vital for everyone, but for athletes and people who lead active lifestyles and often subject their bodies to stress, nutrients are critical.

Different nutrients help to increase athletic performance in different ways; calcium aids in muscular contraction, B vitamins aid in energy production, and iron enables adequate oxygen transfer. The more active you are, the more nutrients you need to keep your body in top shape. 

Helps ease menopause symptoms

If you’re dealing with menopause symptoms, it’s possible to get some relief and lessen their impact on your life with the correct vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For example, the B vitamin folate is shown to reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of hot flashes in women going through menopause. 

If you’re dealing with mild symptoms, a supplement plan can help ease you through menopause. 

Enhances a healthy lifestyle

Because of the important roles of vitamins and minerals, as well as the ability of other nutrients to boost health, ensuring that you're obtaining the correct nutrients will greatly improve an already healthy lifestyle.

From boosting mood to keeping your immune system strong, getting the right nutrients can help to maintain every body system. 

Nutritional health plans that include vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are beneficial at any age. You can take one step closer to a better mind, body, and future by taking the correct supplements to support your body's natural processes.

To learn more about how adding a supplement plan can benefit your overall healthy lifestyle, call the Monarque Health and Wellness Center team at our Ashland, Oregon, office to schedule an in-person or virtual visit today. 

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