Staying Healthy and the Importance of Preventive Medicine

Staying Healthy and the Importance of Preventive Medicine

We usually think of going to the doctor only when illness or injury strikes. However, this neglects an extremely important aspect of staying well: preventive care. This branch of health care aims to keep you as healthy as possible by limiting your potential health risks.

The team at Monarque Health and Wellness Center focuses on providing exceptional family and functional medicine care. Preventive care is a major part of how we help you and your loved ones maintain wellness. This means getting care when you’re healthy that helps you to stay well. 

Why preventive care?

Many diseases cause few symptoms until they’re advanced, and by then significant damage has occurred, making them more difficult to treat. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes are just three examples of diseases that can silently damage your body without your knowledge.

While getting acute care when something occurs suddenly is obviously important, focusing on disease prevention can help you remain as healthy as possible throughout all phases of life. 

How is preventive care different?

Traditional medical care typically entails a checkup with a general practitioner once an illness or injury happens. Your physician administers the appropriate medical intervention to resolve the issue and aid in your recovery. 

Patients who want to participate in preventive care do so while they’re healthy. This involves getting important health screenings, receiving healthy lifestyle education, and receiving recommended vaccinations. 

During the consultation, patients can express their opinions and concerns about their medical and family histories, allowing the doctor to provide the best preventive care possible.

Why is preventive care important?

Being in good health is essential for maintaining a good quality of life. Regular preventive care has numerous advantages, including:

Preventive care can help you avoid high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and other ailments.

At what age should I start participating in preventive care?

When doctors talk about preventive care, many patients immediately think of older adults and the illnesses that may come with aging. In truth, preventive care should begin at birth and last a lifetime. 

Even the healthiest children can become ill or injured due to genetics and environmental factors. Patients and their loved ones can be better prepared to avoid many future ailments with the right tools and education.

Staying on top of your preventive care

Assuming control of your health is critical, and taking advantage of preventive care can help. 

Here are some suggestions:

Adopting a good preventive care routine helps you get ahead of potential problems before they start.

Preventive care for the entire family

When you collaborate with your Monarque Health and Wellness Center provider, you’re deciding to make your health and quality of life a priority. You can make sound and informed healthy lifestyle decisions when you have the information and guidance of a trusted health care provider.

A thorough physical examination is the first step. To get started, call the team at our Ashland, Oregon, office for assistance in scheduling a visit with a Monarque Health and Wellness Center provider.

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